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I feel as though I haven't posted in forever. Well here is the short version of the past little bit. My significant other lost his sister. A week later I lost my grandfather. The day after I lost my grandfather I lost my job. We had to start staying with James's father who allowed James's ex wife to move in as well. Although I have found a new job it is one that I have to stand on my feet all day at 8 months pregnant. ( still I am grateful for a job).

I feel so unwelcome here. It's like James's ex and James's brother are teaming up against me to push me out. When they fix dinner they only cook enough for them and James. They hide things that they think I might like. I contribute to the house as well and do my best to help but it's never good enough. I feel like I am loosing my mind. I feel so unwanted and unwelcome. I am trying hard to get my own place.

My baby shower was a disaster as well. Only two people showed up for it out of the thirty that said that they would come. I wonder if hormones are helping in this depression that I am in. I just need a friend that will actually care I guess.

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